How you can remove stretch marks?

Can I have stretch marks removed from my body?

no stretch marksThis question is addressed daily by leading skin specialists in online health forums, health magazines, and popular newspaper columns. Fortunately, stretch marks can be reduced with the aid of different treatments and procedures. One must keep in mind that these treatments require several visits to a licensed skin specialist. In many cases, these treatments can be expensive.

Many people have success with inexpensive topical stretch mark creams. Topical stretch mark creams have a solid reputation for providing positive results. This is the reason topical stretch mark creams are highly endorsed by many skin experts around the globe.

Getting rid of those unattractive stretch marks will help you get back that lost feeling of having flawless skin. Getting shiny and smooth skin has never been more affordable. The reasonably priced stretch mark cream works to reduce the appearance of discolored marks in several weeks.

It is not unusual for people with stretch marks to search for a method of having them removed. This is why the public wonders if they can be removed successfully.

Stretch mark removal treatments and methods are advertised daily on television and in magazines. It is imperative for you to understand that it is not easy to remove stretch marks. Many people are under the impression that stretch marks develop on the outermost layer of the skin. They actually form in the dermis. This is why they are difficult to remove. True stretch mark removal requires help from a skilled surgeon, but many people cannot afford the surgery.

Laser mark treatments are marketed to the general public as a viable option for their problem. Laser stretch mark therapy can be effective, but it is not a guaranteed total stretch mark removal process. Laser stretch mark therapy also requires a great deal of one’s time and money.

Two different types of special lasers are used for laser mark treatments. In both cases, several visits are required for the patient to get visible results. The less expensive laser treatment can cost several thousands of dollars. Removing stretch marks is not the perfect solution to dealing with this issue. It is technically possible to remove stretch marks, but the benefits may not meet the expectations of people who want to improve the appearance of their skin.

Laser mark treatments have the potential to cause scarring. Invasive surgical procedures can also leave visible ugly scars. The scars can be more noticeable than stretch marks. Men and women poised for stretch mark removal procedures are facing a sizable risk. Significant side effects can take place after the procedure.

It can be challenging for one to grasp the fact that stretch mark removal is the best option for dealing with cosmetic or physical imperfection. It is not unusual for people to search for measures that can help them get rid of stretch marks. It is vital for one to understand that removal should not be their first and only option to deal with stretch marks. Evaluating all options carefully is the best way of addressing this troubling skin issue. Stretch marks are complex, and the best solution may not always be your best option!

Can Breast Enlargement pills and creams lead to cancer

breast enlargement pills and creamThe first suspicions about the carcinogenic features of silicone implants appeared in the early 1984. Approximately at that time silicone implants aroused interest of Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The period of testing and examinations lasted until 2007 when FDA approved the use silicone implants on the territory of the US for cosmetic purposes. Before that time women in America had to use so called saline implants. However there is still no clear answer to whether silicone implants are completely safe in terms of cancer.
This is one of the reasons why there are so many rumors, guesses and hypes about the connection of breast enhancement and cancer. Some experts claim there is a direct relation between breast enhancement and cancer which makes a lot of women willing to undergo surgery worry about the outcome. The fact is implants cause some difficulties to detect cancer cells as they act like a screen during mammogram examination hiding these cells which causes some problems in terms of cancer diagnostics.
Having analyzed the data collected in the period from 1997 to 2010, Food and Drug Administration came to a conclusion that there might be a relation between silicone breast implants and specific form of cancer. According to the information from FDA women with saline and silicone implants are more likely to suffer from anaplastic cell lymphoma (ALCL), one of the forms of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. One of the probable reasons for that is implants contain hazardous chemicals which might intoxicate body.
After this the FDA has taken some measures i.e. asking all implant manufacturers to put information warning about possible risks on product labels. The surgeons have also been asked to pay special attention to fluids observed around the implant and report all the information of ALCL for documentation. All women with implants were informed that it is crucial for their health to keep an eye on all symptoms and not hesitate to ask for immediate help if noticed to prevent any negative consequences. It was also recommended that every woman with implant should undergo routine follow-ups every year just to make sure nothing threatens health.
Some components of the implants are considered to be responsible for the development of cancer. Microthane interface system was the one that produced a hazardous substance called 2-tuluene diamine (TDA), a carcinogen causing liver cancer.
Cancer survivors and patients who go through reconstructive surgery suffer scarring, asymmetry and positioning problems of implants. This leads to depression and severe pain in most cases as the implants usually rupture or start leaking within three years. The severe contracture pains are occasioned by the fragility of the breast tissues and immune systems caused by previous radiation, surgery and chemotherapy.
Those who survived cancer and going through reconstructive surgery face awful things like scarring, asymmetry and problems with implant positioning. It causes strong emotional and physical pain. Strong contracture pain arises because breast tissues and immune systems are still fragile after previous radiation, surgery and chemotherapy.
Before one decides to meet physical and emotional difficulties related to such surgical invasions and thoughts about possible cancer issues it might be a good idea to think about more natural methods of breast enhancement like Total Curve.

Penis Enlargement Solutions

penis pillYou might have already heard hundred times of different ways to enlarge penis, but ask yourself – how much do you know about the way they work?
Here are some facts about the most popular methods men use these days, check them out:

  • Vacuum Pump (so called “Penis Pump”): This effective device uses the power of vacuum to extend penile tissues. It looks like a cylinder which is fixed around the penis with a special ring at the bottom which helps to clamp the whole thing. While this device can show outstanding results, it might take a couple of weeks to reach them.
  • Weight Stretching: This method involves weights that can be used to extend penile tissues with the help of gravity, so the principle looks very much like pumps. Again, it will take a lot of time and efforts since it is required to spend at least 4 hours a day during six months to see results.
  • Pills and Ointments: Pills and ointments can show significant results as well if you choose the best penis enhancement pill. This is fast and relatively cheap way of penis enlargement which is becoming more and more popular these days.

Penis Enlargement Surgery – Facts to consider


Another way helping to increase penis size fast and effectively is undergoing special surgery.
And even though this method has a high rate of success it might still cause some problems including the decrease of sensitivity in penile tissues themselves.
There are two types of operations which can help to enlarge penis depending on the goals men set:
o Increasing Length: This kind of operation involves cutting the ligament connecting pelvic bone to the penis. There is simply a hidden part of penis inside the body which helps to add a couple of inches to the visible part after surgery. Basically the surgery only helps to transform your own penis making it look bigger.
o Increasing Width: This kind of operation involves using additional fat-based substances to which surgeons use to make penis look thicker. These substances are being added to penile tissues and this does the trick.
Which Method Is the Best?
Different methods have different positive features but penis pumps seem to be the most effective providing the best results. But still, you need to remember that it takes patience and time to see results.
Surgery might be the only option which can significantly hurt your budget as this method is relatively expensive.