Can Breast Enlargement pills and creams lead to cancer

breast enlargement pills and creamThe first suspicions about the carcinogenic features of silicone implants appeared in the early 1984. Approximately at that time silicone implants aroused interest of Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The period of testing and examinations lasted until 2007 when FDA approved the use silicone implants on the territory of the US for cosmetic purposes. Before that time women in America had to use so called saline implants. However there is still no clear answer to whether silicone implants are completely safe in terms of cancer.
This is one of the reasons why there are so many rumors, guesses and hypes about the connection of breast enhancement and cancer. Some experts claim there is a direct relation between breast enhancement and cancer which makes a lot of women willing to undergo surgery worry about the outcome. The fact is implants cause some difficulties to detect cancer cells as they act like a screen during mammogram examination hiding these cells which causes some problems in terms of cancer diagnostics.
Having analyzed the data collected in the period from 1997 to 2010, Food and Drug Administration came to a conclusion that there might be a relation between silicone breast implants and specific form of cancer. According to the information from FDA women with saline and silicone implants are more likely to suffer from anaplastic cell lymphoma (ALCL), one of the forms of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. One of the probable reasons for that is implants contain hazardous chemicals which might intoxicate body.
After this the FDA has taken some measures i.e. asking all implant manufacturers to put information warning about possible risks on product labels. The surgeons have also been asked to pay special attention to fluids observed around the implant and report all the information of ALCL for documentation. All women with implants were informed that it is crucial for their health to keep an eye on all symptoms and not hesitate to ask for immediate help if noticed to prevent any negative consequences. It was also recommended that every woman with implant should undergo routine follow-ups every year just to make sure nothing threatens health.
Some components of the implants are considered to be responsible for the development of cancer. Microthane interface system was the one that produced a hazardous substance called 2-tuluene diamine (TDA), a carcinogen causing liver cancer.
Cancer survivors and patients who go through reconstructive surgery suffer scarring, asymmetry and positioning problems of implants. This leads to depression and severe pain in most cases as the implants usually rupture or start leaking within three years. The severe contracture pains are occasioned by the fragility of the breast tissues and immune systems caused by previous radiation, surgery and chemotherapy.
Those who survived cancer and going through reconstructive surgery face awful things like scarring, asymmetry and problems with implant positioning. It causes strong emotional and physical pain. Strong contracture pain arises because breast tissues and immune systems are still fragile after previous radiation, surgery and chemotherapy.
Before one decides to meet physical and emotional difficulties related to such surgical invasions and thoughts about possible cancer issues it might be a good idea to think about more natural methods of breast enhancement like Total Curve.