Penis Enlargement Solutions

penis pillYou might have already heard hundred times of different ways to enlarge penis, but ask yourself – how much do you know about the way they work?
Here are some facts about the most popular methods men use these days, check them out:

  • Vacuum Pump (so called “Penis Pump”): This effective device uses the power of vacuum to extend penile tissues. It looks like a cylinder which is fixed around the penis with a special ring at the bottom which helps to clamp the whole thing. While this device can show outstanding results, it might take a couple of weeks to reach them.
  • Weight Stretching: This method involves weights that can be used to extend penile tissues with the help of gravity, so the principle looks very much like pumps. Again, it will take a lot of time and efforts since it is required to spend at least 4 hours a day during six months to see results.
  • Pills and Ointments: Pills and ointments can show significant results as well if you choose the best penis enhancement pill. This is fast and relatively cheap way of penis enlargement which is becoming more and more popular these days.

Penis Enlargement Surgery – Facts to consider


Another way helping to increase penis size fast and effectively is undergoing special surgery.
And even though this method has a high rate of success it might still cause some problems including the decrease of sensitivity in penile tissues themselves.
There are two types of operations which can help to enlarge penis depending on the goals men set:
o Increasing Length: This kind of operation involves cutting the ligament connecting pelvic bone to the penis. There is simply a hidden part of penis inside the body which helps to add a couple of inches to the visible part after surgery. Basically the surgery only helps to transform your own penis making it look bigger.
o Increasing Width: This kind of operation involves using additional fat-based substances to which surgeons use to make penis look thicker. These substances are being added to penile tissues and this does the trick.
Which Method Is the Best?
Different methods have different positive features but penis pumps seem to be the most effective providing the best results. But still, you need to remember that it takes patience and time to see results.
Surgery might be the only option which can significantly hurt your budget as this method is relatively expensive.